Reigen Healthcare: Trusted Paediatric PCD Pharma Company in Chandigarh

Paediatric PCD Pharma Company in Chandigarh

Reigen Healthcare is a leading ISO-Certified pediatric pcd pharma company in Chandigarh (India). We are committed to delivering top-notch healthcare solutions that are GMP and ISO certified, adhering to the highest quality standards. Our pediatric pcd pharma franchise business model offers entrepreneurs an exciting opportunity to start own business in the pharmaceutical industry, with the backing of a trusted partner. Reigen Healthcare was established in 2019 with a vision to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products with prominent paediatric range pcd in chandigarh that are affordable and accessible to everyone. We specialize in producing a wide range of Paediatric products, including tablets, capsules, gels, syrups, and dry syrups. Our products cater to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, from common ailments. Such as fever and cough to more complex conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Quality Assurance at Pharma Franchise for Paediatric range in Chandigarh

We follow strict quality control measures at every stage at pharma franchise for paediatric range in Chandigarh to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our products are also tested and certified by renowned organizations such as DCGI, FSSAI, ISO, WHO, and GMP. Our pharma franchise for paediatric range in Chandigarh business model in which a pharmaceutical company grants monopoly and distribution rights to a franchise partner for its Paediatric products in a specific territory. The franchise partner is responsible for promoting and distributing the company’s products to retailers and healthcare professionals in their region.

The offered quality paediatrics range by Reigen Healthcare:
Aceclofenac 50mg + Paracetamol 125mg Suspension
Azithromycin 100mg Syrup
Magaldrate 400mg + Simethicone 20mg Syrup
Zinc Acetate 20mg Syrup
Paracetamol 250 Suspension
Cefpodoxime Proxetil 50mg/5ml
Digestive Enzyme (200ml) 5ml
Cefixime 100mg for Oral Suspension Dry Syrup

Benefits of Associating with Reigen Healthcare for Pediatric range Pcd in Chandigarh

Choose Reigen Healthcare as your trusted partner because we stand out in the pharmaceutical industry as the best pediatric pcd pharma company in Chandigarh that prioritizes your success. With us, you’ll find an opportunity to join a reputable pharma franchise for pediatric range in Chandigarh without the burden of a big initial investment. We are committed to supporting your business growth by providing special marketing assistance and offering you monopoly rights in your own territory, allowing you to expand independently and you can perform like your own boss. Moreover, our lightning-fast delivery services guarantee that your customers receive their orders within 24 hours, establishing trust and loyalty in your business. As a result, be the franchise owner of pediatric range pcd in Chandigarh to gain access to a wide range of benefits, including:

Low Investment, High Returns:
We offer a low-investment pediatric range franchise opportunity. As a result, it will help in making it accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs.
Comprehensive Marketing Support:
We provide comprehensive marketing support to our franchise partners. Henceforth, it will helping them to effectively promote their business and reach a wider audience.
Monopoly Rights:
Being a reputed pharma pcd company in Chandigarh, we offer exclusive monopolistic rights to our franchise partners in their regions.
Fast Delivery:
We take pride in our rapid delivery services. It ensures that our franchise partners receive their complete order within 24 hours of placement.

Collaborate with Us

In the heart of Chandigarh, Reigen Healthcare stands tall as a premier pediatric medicine franchise company, dedicated to enhancing child healthcare. Specializing in Pediatric Propaganda-Cum-Distribution (PCD), Reigen Healthcare is at the forefront of providing innovative, safe, and effective pharmaceutical products tailored exclusively for children. Our unwavering commitment to quality is backed by certifications from ISO, and GMP. Although, his ensures that you offer your customers the safest and most effective pharmaceutical products.

Healthcare professionals looking for a trustworthy partner in pediatric pharmaceuticals range need look no further than Reigen Healthcare. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a wide range of high-quality, pediatric-focused medicines. This ensures the best possible care for your young patients. In conclusion, join hands with Reigen Healthcare and contribute significantly to the well-being of children in your care.