Which Orthopedic PCD Franchise Company in India is at the Top of the Game


Reigen Healthcare is India’s most renowned and trusted name for the orthopedic PCD franchise all over the country. For several years in this industry, we have been known to provide a comprehensive range of ortho products, including tablets, capsules, gels, orthopedic appliances, and so on. We also ensure their complete quality standards by following all the norms of the regulatory requirements of GMP and ISO. Thus, our franchise partners always ensure that they deal with only a guaranteed range of healthcare products. Moreover, for their business growth, we provide them with training programmes and workshops to inform them about new products, techniques, and developments in the field of orthopedics. Even for advance help to our franchisees, we offer them prompt and efficient customer support services. This addresses any of their queries or concerns at any time.

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Why should you select Reigen Healthcare for a genuine orthopedic PCD franchise?

We have always been regarded by our franchise partners as providing them with genuine services in the orthopedic pharma franchise business across the country. Firstly, for those franchisees who have joined us, we provide them with an approved range of this category and other healthcare products. Also, they benefited from our logistics support. We assist them with our inventory management, order processing, and timely delivery of products. Also, we assist our franchisees in obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications to operate in their respective regions. Along with this, we provide complete support to our clients in terms of providing market analysis. We provide genuine market research and analysis to help our franchisees identify potential customers and market trends. This is especially beneficial for newcomers to this industry.

Last but not least, product innovation has always been an essential part of our services and our PCD partners’ business growth. We continuously introduce new and innovative orthopedic products. This keeps our clients always at the top of the competition and meeting the evolving needs of their customers. As a result, all these facts and features of our services put us in the leading position as the genuine orthopedic PCD franchise company in India.

Increasing Demand for Orthopedic Products in India

The demand for orthopedic products in India has been steadily increasing due to several factors. Let’s see them:

  • Growing elderly population: 

Today, India is ageing population increases the frequency of orthopedic ailments such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and degenerative joint diseases.

  • Rising incidence of lifestyle diseases:

Sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and a lack of exercise are contributing to an increase in musculoskeletal problems. Hence, this boosts demand for orthopedic treatments and medicines.

  • Increase in sports injuries: 

As sports and fitness activities become more popular in India, there is a greater need for orthopedic equipment, including braces, supports, and orthotics,  to address sports-related ailments.

  • Improving healthcare infrastructure:

India’s growing healthcare infrastructure has led to increased demand for orthopedic operations and supplies as medical treatments become more affordable and accessible.

  • Technological advances: 

Advances in orthopedic technology, such as minimally invasive surgery procedures and the creation of novel orthopedic implants and devices, have increased treatment choices and driven demand for orthopedic products.

  • Rising Disposable Income:

Increasing disposable income and health awareness among the Indian population have led to higher spending on healthcare, including orthopedic treatments and products.

  • Government Initiatives:

Government initiatives such as Ayushman Bharat and increasing health insurance coverage have made orthopedic treatments more accessible to a larger section of the population, further boosting demand.<


Consequently, we hope that you all get the point that Reigen Healthcare is the most genuine orthopedic PCD franchise company in India. Also, we have shown some evidence that proves the increasing demand for orthopedic products in our country. Hence, if you also want to grow your business with this huge opportunity in India, then just join us now.